Bow Tie Baby Shower Bingo Game Card Set (25 Pack) Fill-In

Bow Tie Baby Shower Bingo Game Card Set (25 Pack) Fill-In

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Keep the good times going at your baby shower with this fun-filled bingo game pack. Stylish and easy to play fill-in game cards are sure to impress your shower guests. These nifty little man themed bingo cards are a great way to get keep your guests entertained and amused, while creating and marking off their personalized bingo cards. This bow tie baby shower activity is perfect all ages and ideal for the classic, modern or bow-tie baby shower you are planning.


How to play baby shower bingo

Simply, have each of your guests fill in the blank squares on the card with items she thinks the mom will receive for baby. Then have everyone mark their cards as gifts are unwrapped, if they guessed correctly on a gift. First person to get 5 in a row and shout out BINGO wins a prize. Super simple and allows your guests a chance to compete for a prize, a favorite at baby showers.

Bow Tie Baby Bingo Game Card Details

· Size 4” x 6”

· Set of 25

· Chevron stripes, polka-dots and bow tie in shades of navy, grey and baby blue

· Quick, easy, fun

· Fill-in each space to create your own game card

We love this timeless baby shower activity and your guests at the baby shower will, too! Baby bingo is created to add some fun and style to your celebration.

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