Inspiration & Ideas


Ideas for your cards!


With scratch off game cards you can easily keep your guests interacting and having fun!  We love that our scratch off cards have so many different uses.   Instant win games are ideal for a baby shower, party, wedding, bridal shower or even use them at school or corporate functions.

Diaper Raffles:

Use them in place of traditional diaper raffles, instead of putting names in a box to draw later, simply give each guest a scratch card when they bring a pack of diapers. You’re in control of the winners, so you may choose one winner or three (based on packs purchased). With Paper Clever Party scratch and win games you get 3 winners with each set of 25 losers. Carefully packed winners are individual from losing games.


Did someone say cash bar?  Well if you are using a cash bar at the reception go ahead and have your bartender hand out scratch cards to let your wedding guests see if they win a free drink!  Add a little extra fun to the day this way.


We know games and activities at parties can become tricky, specifically if you have two people who win a traditional game.  So if this is the case and you only plan to give away one prize per game, use scratch off cards as a tie-breaker!


With a group of guests who may or may not know each other get them interacting by scattering scratch off cards on each guest table or set up a game station with the scratch cards.

This is just a few ways we enjoy using our scratch off games cards! However you plan to play make it fun and memorable!